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Too many portal scrolls, not enough space.

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@BobbyT.7192 said:Could we get a new item or UI function to contain all our portal scrolls? similar to how tomes will contain the living story scrolls. There's close to 30 scrolls and living story tomes, and they are just taking up space in the inventory.

30? I do not even know what you are talking about ha ha. I just looked at the wiki and had no idea there were so many. I have maybe 5 scrolls and wish we had a book.

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In Elona, there's a book you can find/read called Lonely Tyria which is a play on a real-world series of travel guides called Lonely Planet.

We currently have season books for the various portal scrolls, but maybe a big Lonely Tyria compendium of some kind might be nice so people could have an all-access tome for all LS stuff without sacrificing so much inventory space. You'd click into it, select your LS season, and then select your map from there.

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What scrolls are you talking about? Aside from the Living World tomes that take up 3 spaces there are.

  • 8 lounges.
  • 7 city scrolls
  • 3 LW3 items with one being for a story, another that can be bought daily, and the final one is just a spot on the map that can be accessed via mounts
  • Home Portal Stone
  • HoM stone
  • Spearmarshal's Plea
  • The starter maps one from the tutorial.

That's all of 21. 24 if you add the three LW tomes, which is not 30 unless you're also counting the 2 week lounge passes which by their nature are temporary.

In addition to that, very, very few people would have more than 1-3 lounge passes, even fewer still have/use the city scrolls, and the HoM stone can be purchased as many times as you need so you can delete it.

The festival ones add up... until you get all of them and combine them into a single item.

That's all of a single bag's worth of items unless you're someone who collects everything, but realistically more like half a bag at most for most people and that can easily fit on a character or in a bank tab. Letting people combine the city scrolls into a tome would be nice, but other than that I don't see the value in combining everything else.

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@Fueki.4753 said:

@"Inculpatus cedo.9234" said:No longer need the Hall of Monuments Stone, as there is a free Eye of the North 'scroll' included in the Icebrood Saga Portal Tome, and a free passage to the Hall of Monuments within the Eye of the North.

Does the new HoM contain the NPCs giving you the stuff for your GW1 deeds?

You can talk to a NPC to send you into the "old" HoM.

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@"Game of Bones.8975" said:Creating a drop-down "Library" for your tomes would be great.

GW2 has so many fun shiny things that are useful to hoard.

I think they want us to buy more shared inventory slots, right now the cap is set at 24/account. The next 30% sale will probably be the Anniversary in August/September.

I completely support this, my first thought as well was a library option.

I don't like wasting my inventory or bank with scrolls and tomes.. and my shared inventory is already full of more useful items too.

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I've been saying a Master Library Tome where you can put EVERYTHING in has been needed for well over a year now. It could even be added as a novelty item so we don't have to have it in our inventory at all!

But I believe this is is coming soon right after alliances and the removal of bots from PvP. :bleep_bloop:

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@"Excursion.9752" said:I've been saying a Master Library Tome where you can put EVERYTHING in has been needed for well over a year now. It could even be added as a novelty item so we don't have to have it in our inventory at all!

Ain't that the truth. These should have been unlocks in some kind of "spellbook" from the start. They also should also have turned all the black lion bric-a-brac (like the trading posts and revive orbs) into currencies that can be spent from some kind of wallet. Then we wouldn't need so many shared inventory slots.

I guess it's not a problem they're interested in solving. For some unknown and unknowable reason.


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So for those wondering why I'm saying CLOSE to 30

8 lounge passes (they have permanent versions, but a single item or UI function can store the 2 week passes as well)7 city scrolls4 scrolls for LS3 (1 tome and 3 other items not related to that tome {they still count})2 tomes for LS4 and icebrood5 miscellaneous( home portal, HoM portal, spearmarshal plea, I'm counting the 2 teleport to friend as you can use the consumable one while the permanent has the CD)

EDIT:2 more not listed on the wiki page yetWorld boss portal deviceMaguuma Pact Operation Portal Device

Total: 28

So CLOSE to 30 as I said, it's likely that there is more, but I made point.

Edit 2 counted something twice

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@Inculpatus cedo.9234 said:I can't imagine very many players carry all those around with them. Especially, something like Exalted Portal Stone (to Aurene's Chamber) (which you listed twice) or the HoM Portal Stone now that there's a Scroll for EotN (with free passage to the old HoM).

Yeah, counted aurene's twice. Still a lot even without HoM stone either.I liked to carry them around when I can, because I'm cheap and like to save on the waypoint cost as much as I can.I know there other free ways to the cities or around in general, but scrolls are generally better.Besides if toys can get their own UI function, why can't portals

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@Inculpatus cedo.9234 said:

@"kharmin.7683" said:Why would anyone need to carry around 8 lounge passes?

Amen. No one would. Especially as they have portals to all the cities, and elsewhere.

I mean, I hate to be the one to tell you this, but players purchase and carry around a lot of things they don't need to.

For some, they just like using the different lounges and teleports (for screenshots, personal preference per character, layout preferences, etc.), for others they feel compelled to have everything that gets released or want to support the game by buying all items that get released from the cash shop. Logistically, people run out of bank space and start carrying things around in their inventory, whether they "need" to or not.

Teleport items fall into this category right now, but before them it was novelty items and before that it was armors because we didn't have a wardrobe system. I personally have the Lily of the Elon, Queen's Terrace, and Eye of the North in my inventory because depending on what map I want to get to next, they put me where I need to be (Lily for daily desert cheevs, Terrace to get to DR festivals or daily Kryta cheevs and home instance, Eye of the North for strikes and Tengu NPC).

If miniatures couldn't be unlocked account wide and someone suggested a mini wardrobe like the one we have, would you then say that no one 'needs' all those minis or no one would carry them all?

I don't understand the argument against consolidating these (or any other redundant) items that take up space. Why is it not a good idea to do this?

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@"keenedge.9675" said:The tomes have been here a long time. Why an issue today ?

Because the amount steadily increases, taking away limited bank and inventory space.And Arenanet refuses to even leave a single tiny remark on the matter.

That aside, for some people it's been an issue for quite some time already, not just "today".

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