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[NA] PRAXIS: Casual, inclusive, low-commitment social guild.


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After a long time in hiatus, Praxis is looking to recruit new active members. Founded at launch, we are one of the game's original inclusive casual/social guilds.

Basic info

  • Open to all; no level, Mastery, experience, or specific server required.
  • Representation is nice but optional.
  • Only play occasionally? All fine.
  • New to the game? More than fine!

We can offer

  • A relaxed, low-stress environment inclusive of players of any gender identity or expression, race, ethnicity, size, nationality, sexual orientation, ability level, neurotype, religion, elder status or family structure.
  • Room to grow. As we're getting the band back together after a quiet period, we're also looking for people interested in more active positions running events, activities, and similar. (But just quietly hanging out "alone together" is fine, too!)
  • A level 38 hall in Gilded Hollow. Perfect for idling, vending, banking, Scribing, daily gathering, and relaxing in the memorial room.
  • A Discord server, shared with our sister guild, for all your chat, streaming, and game update requirements.


Check us out on Discord, post here, or message dee.2134 in-game!

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