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(NA) LF Guild: (DR) Newish player looking looking for active guild, PvP WvW, PvE, crafting,

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Hi everybody, I'm a newish player who tried the game last April but was overwhelmed by the density of the game, who recently started a new warrior and I'm looking for a clan to show me the ropes. All areas of the game interest me, but I'm too afraid to dip my toes in without help. So, I'm looking for a guild that can tolerate a barrage of noob questions, that can also teach me about PvP and WvW. Beggers can be choosers, but maybe a clan of a larger size? Under the principle that if I blab to more than 5 people the annoyance will be spread out among them.(LockeWilson.8450) "Hanna Summer" is my username, I play a warrior, I'm very low level on account of starting yesterday, and I'm looking forward to playing with some of you.Thanks for reading.

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