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Griever's Gear in RAIDS


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Can an experienced raider please answer as to exactly how you get ascended griever's gear on raid items?

So far, all I know is that the RARE drops from bosses names, like Gorseval's Leggings, has it-- but not the regular chests you can buy in Aerodome.

Then I see that Assauter's or Malicious have it but I don't know where to purchase those?

I have yet to locate any amulet.

Any advice appreciated.

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@insanemaniac.2456 said:gotta talk to the vendor thats inside the wing, for example in wing 1 its the npc sitting on the airship before vale guardian

the aerodome npcs dont have the items that are specific to a certain boss

edit: sabetha drops amulets, so yes theres that. although there is probably 1 for each wing.


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