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EOTM rework - Luxon v Kurzick... lets make EOTM great (again?)


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So an expansion coming and wouldn't it be great to see some rework to dead parts of the game...

Just an idea after watching TeaTime : The Expansion Is Coming! With Deroir And Boots! on Might Teapots youtube channel...(I think most of us would love to play Tengu as a playable race and wouldnt mind some clipping issues, just like there are still some clipping in charr armors - but this is for another post)

I would love to see EOTM with WvW players playing it (both blobbers and roamers) and for people to enjoy another option whilst the purpose of EOTM still continues to be the same - a place to be while there are big queues on other borderlands (no doubt there will be an influx of players wanting to play WvW once there has been the restructure). Another alternative is to completely split it as a separate entity, due to the fact that EOTM provides supply to the citadel in the borderlands... i dont think no one cares about this at all....

I dont follow lore massively, but if Luxon v kurzick 250 years after GW1 have now unified, but in the mists - there are still an ongoing battle between them. Wouldnt this be great for nostalgia for GW vets?A quote on a comment on the youtube video which is sourced on the wiki? - "By 1127 AE, the people of Tyria were on their own. The new Canthan emperor, Usoku, finally unified his continent into the Empire of the Dragon. His armies conquered the vassal states of Kurzick and Luxon, making his power absolute"

Im sure people have thought this before and, of course, who knows what is coming up in future details and story in the expac and how the WvW restructuring will pan out and how possible this idea of change will complement and make it possible...

So one option could be to make EOTM Luxon v Kurzick and no 3rd world server/ alliance and cut ties to the supply levels in a citadel....

Another option could be to keep 3 worlds server and the 3rd server to be the Empire of the Dragon army - However, i would propose that the successes in EOTM play a greater part to the servers in the borderlands. Discussion about what details/ ideas about what advantages in the borderlands is probably for a different thread!

Aetherblades in the centre can still be there or it can be changed to maybe Am fah and/ or Jade Brotherhood? - which doesnt need to change the achievement - 'Blades in the mists'...

I hope this is of some interest to people :)

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Eotm was the right direction then. Since any who didn't have coverage can go in there, have fun with a group, and casually kill each other.

Now it's my blob vs your few or your blob vs our few and rarely does it blob v blob and only in cases of hiding in keeps.

Open field happens only if you know your team is on and can fight the incoming onslought

If we don't get tournaments eotm is the next best team..needs making it part of the wvw proper.

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@XenesisII.1540 said:Eotm was only done for rewards, put pips in and see people flocking to it again.No one cares about lore or the supplies, they just want to ktrain for rewards in there.

+1. Vast majority of PvPers don't care about the story, personally I've had this game since launch and have no idea what is going on story-wise.

What made the lore and story bad was using too much reference to GW1, the commander is boring and unrelatable, and the main characters of the different factions like the asura teenager, Bjorn, the Charr with the scorpion pet, the blonde with the pink staff, and Logan are boring. Don't get me wrong there are games I love the story, just GW2 missed the mark. The design of the the different maps, the combat, variety in builds, easy access to equalized combat (gear wise); are a few examples of what pulled me in.

As for EotM, it was not only a great map for rewards but also for practicing commanding and experimenting with your group comp. The map was designed brilliantly like the alpine borderlands, even though it's a larger map, it still funnels people into each other. I also liked the fact that there was no gliding or mounts. The desert borderlands by comparison is a beautiful map as well but poorly designed - and unless you're on a decently populated server you can often roam around there without encountering any other people/roamers. Even worse everywhere you stop you get attacked by random PvE mobs or die due to the terrain.

Another big thing for me is EotM was a fun place to level up - no story, no repeating the same hearts and map completion. You could PvP while you level up and get pips/rewards. Literally all anet would have to do is return pips to EotM and the map would be great again.

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