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Does Condi Thief have any place in PvE?


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In Open World, of course.I use a meme build with Deadeye. Or Daredevil.Deadeye is easier while chaining mobs or pack of elites etc, to generate initiative and recharge skills.

I used an other meme SB/SB build where you spammed #4 and dodges, it was really effective, even in raids but rotation/management of initiatives+dodge +weaponswap were annoying + ⅓ DPS come from combo on field. But they have nerfed the daze on #4 and so the Pulmonary impact + Pressure Striking trigger less less often in Open World, it killed all the fun of the build. :/

In fractals/raids > Power. But you can try in strike.Daredevil is closer to be viable in raids/strikes (But yes, Power is better, and others classes are better for condi dps )

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