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Can we use the GW2 bgm in our youtube videos?

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This is actually a good question. Since Soule licensed the core OST to Arenanet (as far as Kitty knows), technically using those tracks without paying royalties or asking Soule's permission is a clear copyright imfringement.

Anet most likely has rights to musics from LWS1 onwards and thus it'd be kinda nice to hear an answer from Anet about whether using those tracks are allowed or not. As Youtuber who tries to promote GW2's PVE endgame with it's versatile build system and good background musics, hearing negative answer would obviously have an impact on videos, and also on other (rather few) youtubers and streamers. And Kitty would rather not take down all the videos she's done about raids and fractals due to sudden restricting clarification of music policy considering that her videos are a good portion of GW2 raid search results, especially newer ones, by now.

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Okay.. i am sure this is a bit dumb question.... so i am not sure if me uploading a video to my youtube channel is commercial or non-commercial. Although it is unlikely, if the video gets like 10,000 views and get an ads, does that mean it becomes commercial? I just want to use GW2 bgm.

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