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Transmutations – The next level .. Accessories, Rings, Amulets and Infusions - Fashion Fiesta

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Legendary Items: Accessories, Rings, Amulets

Problem Statement: The introduction of legendary accessories allowed stat swapping with non-slumbering versions unable to hide ‘legendary’ bauble effects which can be distracting to play with. The legendary wardrobe will in future allow reuse of these accessories onto multiple characters.

Potential Solution:• Allow wardrobe transmutation of existing rings, amulets and accessories to unlocked effects.• Allow option to ‘show’ or ‘hide’ the accessories being worn on your character.

Opportunities:BLTC: Future sales of new skins for: rings, amulets and accessories.

Why this solution?• This extends the current wardrobe mechanism to give full customisation for items a character is wearing. ‘Shown’ accessories would be shown above armor (e.g. rings worn above gloves etc). This allows ultimate customisation for characters for items they are wearing.


Problem Statement: Stat Infusions cannot be easily used across multiple character or easily swapped and have a high price variation often with effects individuals do not want (<2G), plain agony stat infusions (~73G - +9 agony +5 effect) or highly desired effects (>4K-10K Gold) or is limited to 2 per account (red/blue bauble infusions).

Potential Solution:• An infusion of a type unlocks that “infusion effect” and can be stored in the wardrobe and the existing infusion made account bound allowing it to be used across multiple characters.• Infusions can be transmuted with an effect that is available in the wardrobe• Introduction of legendary ‘infusions’ that can stat swap that can be stored into the new legendary armoury.

Why this solution?• Allow customisation of characters with items such as ‘red’ bauble infusions that is currently limited to 2 (maximum) per account can currently be used.• Multiple characters will be able to use the infusion effects once unlocked from the wardrobe onto a similar infusion.

Opportunities:• BLTC: Future sales of new ‘infusion’ effects.

Examples of new 'infusion' effects:

  • Flying green skulls around you
  • The flames from the Fiery Dragon sword licking around your feet?
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