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Looking to return (again): how are meta events?

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I'm looking to return to GW2, but before I start that chunky download (I'm rather data limited) I'm wondering how meta events are doing.My favorites were the HoT ones and SW; are they still well populated and/or is the action now in PoF / LW meta's (if so, which ones?)Thanks in advance.

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I'd say it depends a lot on what meta you're looking to do and at what time.

For core Tyria, a lot of people still do the world bosses and metas on a regular basis, and there are guilds who regularly do Triple Trouble which is handy if you've been staring at those achievement with malice (like I had been until recently). Generally, these are things you can stumble across and join with little trouble, though some (like Teq and Triple) do still require getting there a little early by using LFG or watching map chat for invitations.

In terms of the expansions and older living world releases, you're more likely to need LFG to get what you need, but people are definitely still playing the content. Dailies now send people to specific maps which is great if you have things you need to do there.

Aside from that, the latest and greatest living world map is almost certainly going to be populated for the first couple of weeks after its release, but of late those seem to be quickly going the route of 'maybe use LFG'.

So metas still get done; they just take more effort to jump into the older they get and the further outside the base game they get. Use LFG, look for commanders when entering a map, and keep an eye on map chat; those are the tools you'll need.

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@Goettel.4389 said:

@"Tails.9372" said:I can't say anything about SW but the HoT ones are still populated.Thanks, are any of the current PoF/LW metas fun (as opposed to just profitable)?Well that's highly subjective but I do like the GH meta in Istan, to bad this one is pretty much "dead" ever since A-Net decided to nerf the rewards on top of making them daily instead of once per event. I also like the Specimen Chamber in Sandswept Isles, also not that rewarding but you can do it for the map currency and you can usually get it done (issue here is that Sandswept Isles tends to suffer from lag spikes).

But beside that I don't think that any of the other metas are particularly "fun", some of them (like e.g. the one in Dragonfall) are rewarding tho but then again like I said it's subjective.

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