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Cinematics still crash me constantly

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One of the most annoying things is crashing during unskippable cinematics. Some story instances are prone to do that more than others.Now that I am replaying the storylines on an Alt account, I am getting more and more frustrated with it.When it happens, it's during unskippable cinematics.In some cases I have replayed ENTIRE story missions SEVERAL times before I could get the credit.Example is HoT: On my Main account, I had to beat Mordremoth 6 times, yes SIX times before it FINALLY went through.That is INCLUDING redoing the pre-content completely because well... NO CHECKPOINTS!!!

Why are you refusing to put in checkpoints?Why are you refusing to make the cinematics skippable?Why?

Just now it happened at "The World Summit"A very long instance with several cinematics that can crash you.My luck: it happened after I beat the Dragon's Lt.

My problem is simple: I have to redo the ENTIRE instance, because of the lack of Checkpoints.There's a good chance during any of the cinematics I will crash again.I cannot be bothered right now, if Anet cannot be bothered to at least put in simple checkpoints or skip buttons...I sure don't wanna repeat the above and be stuck with this instance several times before I am "allowed" to progress.It simply isn't worth my time.

It's time to listen to your customer base, time to revisit these lengthy instances and put in checkpoints and simple skip buttons.

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