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Looking for a WvW Guild (NA)


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Im looking for a WvW focused guild, I play Ranger, Gaurdian, Can run any build you need.. but have less experience with Druid then the rest. Id like an active guild that spends time in WvW daily.. Im willing to change servers if needed!I currently prefer discord over TS but willing to be on eitherI Am Est time and would prefer a guild set to that but can make PST work if i enjoy the companyCurrently have alot of free time to Kill and Enjoy WvW and want to get better.

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Hey there, Schmole! I am not sure what server you are on, or if you are still looking, but you might check us out. We raid three days a week, so we don't raid every day but our guild members are in WvW every day. We run Monday, Thursday, Saturday at 8 EST for about 2 hours. There are also other guilds on our server that run around the same time you could go hang with. That being said, Jade Quarry is currently full on transfers. We may open back up on Monday (Mondays are when the server populations are re-balanced), but if you don't find another guild you could transfer to our link which isn't ideal but it is an option. You can find some more information about us here. Feel free to shoot me a message if you are interested!

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