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[suggestion] historical achievement

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So the limit to daily ap is 15k, my suggestion is to increase that limit by the amount of AP that is unobtainable to you. So if you missed out on 7k Ls1 AP, then your limit is 22k from dailies, if you missed out on 3k then it's 18k etc..

Not like any of those achievements where hard to get, so it's not unfair, and "your problem that you didn't play back then" is a stupid argument

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@lokh.2695 said:As long as the AP rewards aren't more refined, adding more AP isn't that interesting imho.

That's true, but still, locking out players on those skins and stuff just because they weren't playing at release for a game that focuses on keeping all it's content relevant with vertical gear is kinda ironic

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You say the Achievements were not 'hard to get'. Actually, some of the Historical/Retired Achievements were difficult.Certainly more difficult than our current selection of Dailies.

Things like Aspect Arena, or Candidate Trials; some of Twilight Arbor's achievements, WvW achievements, PvP achievements, etc., etc.As much as it is said, it wasn't all 'Press F' to complete.

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