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Trait System Rework


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Suggestion 1- Group similar traits. Completely open the trait system for selection. Allow players to select 18 core profession traits or 12 core profession traits and 6 elite specialization traits.


Suggestion 2… Group similar traits. Reorganize them in lines more sensibly by type. No forced preset choices. Players get 3 line choices from core profession traits and 1 elite specialization choice, totaling 4 lines. Players can choose 2 traits from Adept, 2 from Master and 2 from Grandmaster for each line selected.

To explain suggestion 2 better…

Weapon Mastery line- All profession weapon improvements are lumped into this line. An example of set up…Weapon Adept- Improves all main hand weapons.Weapon Master- Improves all off hand weapons.Weapon Grandmaster- Improves all two handed weapons.

Slot Skills Mastery line- All slot skill improvements go here…Slot Skill Adept- Improves heal slot skills.Slot Skill Master- Improves utility skills.Slot Skill Grandmaster- Improves elite slot skills.

Offensive Mastery line- All offensive tailored traits go here.Offensive Adept… Improves power skills.Offensive Master… Improves precision skills.Offensive Grandmaster… Improves fury.

Condition and Control Mastery line- All condition and control tailored traits go here.Condition Adept… Improves “soft” condition damage.Condition Master… Improves control effectsCondition Grandmaster… Improves condition duration.

Defensive Mastery line- All defensive tailored traits go here.Defensive Adept… Improves dodges.Defensive Master… Improves resistance to non condition damage sources.Defensive Grandmaster… Improves resistance to conditions and control effects.

Core professions “schtick”++ line- All traits that improve unique mechanics for professions go here… Elementalist Attunment++. Engineer Tool Belt++. Guardian Virtues++. Mesmer Shatter++. Necromancer Death Shroud++. Ranger Pets++. Revenant Legends++. Thief Steal++. Warrior Burst++Core professions “schtick”++ Adept…Core professions “schtick”++ Master…Core professions “schtick”++ Grandmaster…

Elite Specialization 1 Mastery line… All generation 1 adept, master and grandmaster elite traits go here.Elite Specialization 2 Mastery line… All generation 2 adept, master, grandmaster elite traits go here.Elite Spec 3…

You are super welcome for the trait rework framework idea!

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