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Pet Stowing

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No, stowed pets are supposed to come out when you enter combat.. when they don't that's a bug.

Keep your pet on avoid combat if you don't want it to participate in the fight.You will have to manually tell it to attack in this case using either F1 or F2.

If you have Path of Fire you can also become a Soulbeast and merge with your pet if you don't want the pet around.

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It was on avoid and stowed and still came out...Ahh No... If they come out when they are stowed thats a bug. Logical reason the option exist. Not for cosmetic relevancy but for combat viability. If you cant remember to unstow, thats your death. Stow it just to have it come out anyway. The logic is irrelevant. See where im getting with this? If its stowed its stowed, dont come out until i call for it.I didn't want to Soulbeast. That would have been cheesing. Everything you said was done a hundred times. I'm exaderrating but its not my first rodeo. Just for kicks I unequipped everything that i could just to see if i can do it in the most treacherous situation. Dont assume everyone is a noob.Aaaaaannnnnd who uses (F) keys other than for mounts? That response sounded scripted.Either way i got the achievement right after i posted. "Mordremoth Usurper" completed. If just one wolf dies, it fails.Thank you for the quick response though. A reason why i enjoy the community. GW2 is the best!

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My apologies, but ethical behavior and conscience demand that I defend Teratus.2859, who was only trying to help the OP. I will try to help, too, after I defend him/her. x) It all started when I read this reply to Teratus' kind attempt to help VelvetJelly. (I like your name, by the way, VelvetJelly. Pretty cool/unique!):

Ahh No... If they come out when they are stowed thats a bug. Logical reason the option exist. Not for cosmetic relevancy but for combat viability.

You are actually the one who's mistaken, @VelvetJelly.2896. There is no bug with the pet stowing system. If you still believe there to be a bug, you clearly don't understand Guild Wars 2, or at least the Ranger profession. Don't try and equate the GW2 Ranger with another type of class from another game. It functions exactly as designed, and the vast majority of other players understand this, or else you'd see a lot more ranting about it in the forums and in-game. The actual way things are is exactly as Teratus.2859 so kindly stated before your rudely started arguing with him/her. If you bothered reading the wiki or anything else online instead of assuming people who are trying to help are just wrong, you'd most likely come to realize this. But I am not saying any of this to offend you. I just want to help, and felt the need to defend my fellow GW2 player. We're a tight, friendly community, but being uncivil in behavior or speech is sure to result in you receiving the same uncivil behavior from others, as in any portion of the world's human population.

Now, if you are still reading, perhaps I can shed some light on your ignorance and you will be able to finish the achievement, or at least figure out how. To start with, pets are supposed to "come out" in several different situations. The Ranger was never designed to fight or do anything major without the support of his/her pet. They are one spirit in two bodies, basically. In any of the following cases, if your pet doesn't appear, there is something wrong (i.e., a bug):

  • After entering combat
  • Whenever you receive damage of any kind (including fall damage)
  • After swapping pets (i.e., the other equipped pet will appear the Swap Pets command is activated)
  • When you enter a new zone
  • Whenever switching skill sets from Terrestrial to Aquatic

To elaborate, perhaps some information from the official Guild Wars 2 Wiki Pets entry will elucidate better:

The ranger and their pet fight as one. The profession is designed taking into account the damage and defense capabilities of both partners working together. A ranger with a defeated pet will do less damage and will likely receive more damage due to the absence of their pet. Rangers and pets enter and exit combat mode together.

Basically, as I stated above, Rangers are designed to be operate this way. It's not a profession that was ever meant to allow the practitioner to play solo (that is, without a pet) very often. This is also actually a very good thing. Rangers are capable of "reviving themselves", or at least being able to revive without the need for another player. A ranger's pet can be commanded to revive the ranger when he/she is downed. However, I can understand how this might be annoying or a bit of an inconvenience in cases such as yours, where you are trying to finish an achievement, and can empathize with you.

But to say someone who obviously has more experience and knowledge in the area is just "wrong" is wrong in and of itself. Teratus.2859 was merely trying to help. Your frustration is understandable--your response to his helpful comment, however, is not--at least to me. If you disagreed with him, a simple "I disagree" would have sufficed instead of a direct contradiction of his statement, which is correct. I will elaborate to clear up any further confusion. On second thought, it may be better to simply insert the relevant parts from the Pets wiki article, this one specifically about stowing pets (I have highlighted the important part):

Stowing PetsA pet can be "stowed" (put away) by clicking on the down-arrow button in the pet bar while not in combat (or pressing the Profession Skill #4 key--by default, this is assigned to F4).

Stowing can be used to avoid having the pet attract enemies. It is also useful in tight areas where a large pet can obscure players' vision.Pets automatically reappear after entering a new zone, when entering combat mode or switching between terrestrial and underwater skill bars.

I hope this helps. If you want to know how to get the achievement you're working on, it may be more helpful for all parties involved if you simply tell us what achievement it is and ask how to get it using a Ranger. I'm not telling you what to do. But there is only so much help the community can offer if we don't have the right information, or if you merely want to argue with us. I mean no offense, either, by the way. I am trying to state things as politely and respectfully as possible, as I've been in your shoes and I know the frustration. When I was trying to finish several jumping puzzles, for example, my pet would keep appearing every time I fell even what seemed like a short distance. It was really annoying. But after receiving a few pointers and reading more about pets and rangers, I was successful.

Anyway, good luck in your efforts and I hope you're able to finish the achievement. If you want more official help, type "/wiki X", where X is what you want to search for. As we say in Japan, がんばってください! ("Good luck and do your best!") =) Peace.

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P.S. It seems I, too, was at fault. I failed to read your entire reply VelvetJellly, and obviously you weren't eing nearly as rude as I thought. You were mistaken a out your obsevation, but I was totally wrong to call you rude. I hope you can forgive me. :+1: =)

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@VelvetJelly.2896 said:Sylvari/RangerI'm attempting an achievement and my pet keeps coming out, even when stowed completely ruining it. Is this a bug? And please no dumb answers like i havent tried everything except uninstall.

Unfortunately on druid and core ranger, if your pet is stowed and you enter combat (or get hit by any mob) your pet automatically pops out. The best way around this is using soulbeast and merging with your pet.

Hope this answers your question.

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It's all good @SubZero.4319 but thanks ^^

@VelvetJelly.2896 Apologies if my comment came off as rude or condescending, that was not my intent.

SubZero's posts give a lot of the specifics on why the Pet comes out during combat even when stowed.The main reason this happens by design in Gw2 is because the Ranger and Pet together are supposed to equal to other classes and Ranger is balanced around this.a Ranger without a pet or with a dead one is always at a disadvantage as a result of this.

I get the feeling from your Soulbeast comment that maybe that's what you wanted though and were trying some kind of self imposed petless Ranger challenge which I can understand and respect as I often like to put my own little challenges in the game to, usually trying to solo stuff that's designed for groups.Unfortunately the game will work against you though and outside of keeping the pet on avoid I don't know any way you can do something like that.It is possible to bug the game so the pet doesn't pop out entering combat (happened to me many times in the past) but I don't know how to do this intentionally.. so I can't help you there.

Anyhow Congrats on getting the achivement you were after ^^

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You can command your pet to be passive instead of aggressive. Then they won't attack at all.

Also if your pet comes out and tries to be aggressive, you can use the come back to me command to force them to heel. Though once you attack again they will attack.

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