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Idea for match fixing


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What if we made the server that wins go red bl in t1. A certain server always likes to ppt. Red bl is a wonderful pile of shamen. They could spend a lot of time there increasing the amount of time that makes everyone think that this is a good borderland. Those two asian guilds would be forced to ppt on the red bl. Can you imagine the surprise if they ever split up. It would force a certain server to buy gems on their alt accounts and would put revenue in anets pocket. Would be a win/win

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@Chaba.5410 said:

@"Dawdler.8521" said:Or just randmize the color assignments.

Complex problems require complex solutions

Shouldn't that be "simple problems require complex solutions"?No, reading the forums solutions like this seems
complex while things like "I dont like WvW so here is a new gameplay mode" or "dbl is dumb so lets make a new map" is the easiest thing in the world.

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