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The Minstrel 3rd collection water diving. impossible with 300 ping

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You can use the auto-attack feature to make it a little easierhc43y8y.jpgThe instant you jump off the ledge, it automatically executes skill two at the earliest possible moment.

That means you jump off, wait a short moment till the skill is activated.Then you rapidly press skill 1 until it gets executed after skill 2.Then you let the auto-attack feature finish the job or mash skill 2.

Note: Most of the diving-achievements accept the skill being executed in the last moment. The final animation does not need to be finished, just started right before you touch the water-surface. (did not do that specific achievement, but finished a couple of diving goggles achievement that way)

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I vaguely remember struggling with no ping problems, so I sympathise.

However any chance of a change is close to zero as I am unaware of any collection changes for legendaries. And by the time any change was hypothetically added, you would have long since finally got that last dive.

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@Khisanth.2948 said:

@Vilin.8056 said:It's probably better to stop there, as the end cost for the whole collection takes way more than buying it straight from TP.

For a bit of added detail ... crafting cost 2.33x as much as buying

Considering that most of the cost goes into the 2nd collection, and OP is already at the 3rd one they probably already invested more gold into the precursor-collections than it would've taken to outright buy it. So stopping now would hurt even more.

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