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Suggestion - Haloween Weapon set

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Dear Devs,Thank you for the hard work you guys put into the game despite covid 19.I come to you all with a suggestion for the reward for obtainable halloween weapons set.I for one, would love to see the ascalonian/royal flame weapons back, but in the from of a simple, "reforged" form. So essentially, the set would look like the daytime ascalonian set, but with improved graphics, and nice defined edges and looks. I am a firm beliver of the proverb that "sometimes less is more" and there is nothing better to apply that to than the ascalonian weapons, they are perfect for medeival roleplaying and as roleplaying has sort of became my thing as to keep interest in the game when im through god knows how many legendaries and the full story and map complete, I find myself struggling to find simple yet elegant weapons for my warrior and other classes, so Hence my suggestion about a reforged ascalonian weapons.Please, please, PLEASE consider it,Thank you,Kind RegardsBjorn

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