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@Makaveli.7342 said:Was thinking about coming back to the game, hows warrior doing in pvp ? Did he get any buffs or will he be getting anything?

Let me get this str8 just in case i didnt understand something........ theres 500 post about balance, 300 about botting, 100 about hacking, arena net doesnt have 1 single employ working or at least just monitoring pvp and you came here to type :Was thinking about coming back to the game??? on a class that is generally ok but ends up being unplayable due to all the other broken monstrosities since season 1???

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@Makaveli.7342 said:So according to what your saying the pvp in this game is just gone to kitten right now?

gold is full of bots, plat is full of hackers, when your warrior goes up against anything with condi you wont believe your eyes! try use the 2 active shake it off +1 passive from build and you will melt by condi in a few seconds and all the above are probably the tip of the iceberg.

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@Makaveli.7342 said:Can you still be good in pvp with the warrior class? Also if its possible anyone able to give me viable build for the warrior? I just hope hes fixed or fixed soon



if you want to play a viable build, you won't be playing warrior

nothing good is happening for warrior in the upcoming patch either, so the class in going to be on the bench way into 2021 I'm thinking

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You can play warrior right now but you can get tryhard and sweaty and still get beat by objectively worse players playing meta builds.

So it's not that fun.

Reroll thief if you're looking for fun melee action. SD DDevil is secretly pretty good rn. Just nobody plays it because it's been beat to death.

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