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Returning Ranger Player Advice and Tips?


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Hello folks, I've recently returned to GW2 after I don't even know how many years. Didn't like how different it was from GW1 then but with so many expansions/living episodes/etc, since I picked it back up, the game is easily the best MMO after playing consistently for the last 2-3 weeks. I first tried other classes(already had a lvl 60 ranger on gw2 account) since I pretty much main'd ranger in GW1 and while I really liked the newer revenant I still ended up making another ranger and falling back in love. Now that it has a druid specialization the class is pretty much tailored for me cause I enjoy supporting in raids/dungeons.

I've been searching for more information and detailed information for Ranger help but most aren't updated since the last patch so I just wanted to come in here and ask what would be the progression I need to take to get my Ranger properly geared up. I already got trail/dire exotics for my SB condi build but I'm looking to go the Ascended route with druid first. Any advice will be a huge benefit into getting me back into raids,wvw and other modes.

So far the forums have helped me tremendously with finding certain builds, hp trains, getting the correct assortment of pets for any situation and a lot more. I would like to really get this class down and hopefully pass on the knowledge I receive later down the road, thanks in advance to all that helps me with the struggle.

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