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Long-time GW player returning to GW2 with 7-year old son (PST). LF casual family-oriented guild.

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Hi team!

I am looking for a guild of course. These are things I am looking for in a guild:

  • Family-oriented. This probably means that the guild itself would have some fraction of parents playing with their kids.
  • For now, PvE oriented. Though in my prime days of GW2, I was training with my fellow guildies in GvG which was a ton of fun (we made it to the top 50 guilds in our high days back then). I would love to (in-time help any guild) build up these capabilities again if there is interest.

Bonus (and NOT required at ALL):

  • If the guild is international (that is has players from Europe and US) that is a plus.
  • If the guild contains German/Austrian/Swiss members, that would be a plus because my son can speak German to them then. We live in Calfiornia but we speak German.

About Me/Us:My name is Thalanor Thornhale. I used to play GW when it was still in its beta phase, and played all 3 extensions. During that time I got recruited to a guild called Arkangels [ARK]. Over time, I first became an officer and then the guild leader of that guild for a long time. During that time, I was able to build up the guild from a small 10-12 player guild to an alliance of 5-6 guilds. The guild itself had about 50-60 people during its peak. Arkangels itself was a balanced guild with some international outlook (US-EU). Then work duties required me to pass that role to other people. But like many of you, I was anxiously awaiting the arrival of GW2 8 years ago. Unfortunately, my enjoyment of GW2 did not last long as I became a father and taking care of my son became my primary focus in life. Fast forward 7 years, and my son is now 7 years old. He is going to be in 2nd grade in an international baccalaureate track German-immersion school.

We are rediscovering GW2. And it's a lot of fun!

I live in PST times. We mostly play on the weekends (Fr-Su) with occasional stints during the week.

What we bring

  • 1 open-minded, respectful dad
  • 1 well-mannered son
  • Enthusiasm and wonder for the game.
  • Experience building, or maintaining guilds and alliances.
  • If there is interest in PvP, my specialization even from early days is playing as a mesmer. But since I am redisovering GW2, I am learning to play the thief and guardian as well.
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