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Need more MP for HoT mastery.. any tips?

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As the title said, I need more MP in HoT mastery. 18 in total needed.

I've done all the Strongboxes in all HoT maps, all mastery insight in all HoT+LW S3 maps, and finished the story. Yet I am still missing 18 for complete mastery (gliding, nuhoch, itzel, exalted).

Can anyone point to me the easier one to get? For example, like defending Aurene from Destroyer attacks without dying, that's impossible for me with my 350 ping average and playing alone. A JP on the Draconis mons is headache inducing, I cant find the correct path (my personal problem), etc

Is there anything that can give MP with just collecting stuff or doesn't require JP or story achievements?

thank you, and sorry if this sound so noobish and old, its because I loathe HoT to death since release. But recently when I wanted to craft Legendary gen 2, I found out how idiotic the timegate on Funerary Incense (after I got all the desert map+mount completion), so it kinda forced me to go back to HoT with an open mind and bearing through all its flaws (in my eyes). Now I'm at a stage where I got all the mats needed (including fulgurite, crystalline ores), but halted by MP.

I thank you in advance to those who answer


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Have you done DS? There are MPs to get just from contributing to various events there.Also, as said above, the adventures. Some will be essentially impossible with high ping, but some should be manageable.

Alternatively, you can get Funerary Incences faster by spending more Trade Contracts, or by paying in Elegy Mosaics, at the Tomb of the Primeval Kings.

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There are a fair number of MPs you can get by relatively simple means. For example, there is one for gliding through the arches in Tarir, and another just for being in the east AB meta. Look for those and other easy things on the list Inculpatus posted above.

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