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Updated build to solo bounty champ/legendaries


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I never heard of "List of builds that can solo champions..." because only small % play like that and these builds can be found mostly on Youtube or here, on this forum. You should search for it or try to make your own. All I can say about necromancer is that condi scourge should work fine (after shades rework they don't work very well on moving targets). What about power reaper? I would go for Blood Magic and Soul Eater (first master trait /reaper). Passive healing is pretty strong for necro.

For condi mirage all you need is axe as a mainhand weapon and Runes of Tormenting. Nothing has changed here. The same builds and eq everywhere.Thief (Staff daredevil or rifle deadeye) has very strong trait Invigorating Precision. As a deadeye you can just stop any damage with your face while spamming 3. It's like having a healing shotgun when every blast to your enemies faces makes you healthier /shrug.

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If your class has lifesteal - go full berserker (or some assassin) with power based weapons and traits and all lifesteals (including food).

Otherwise get dire/trailblazer gear and find a relevant condi build for your class.

Bam, you got a build that can solo nearly everything in game with not much effort and still be reasonably hard to kill while doing solid damage.

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Most bounty boss is not designed for solo, even using full Condi bunker build or full healing bunker, part of these bounty boss can still hit you really hard, like 1/3 present of your maximum health per bite. So basically bounty need a small group (less than 5) with proper team comp or just bring tons of people.

I know few bounty boss is actually soloable with full TB build , it's my Condi bunker seeker btw.

That fractal CMs boss is another story, of course it's soloable because boss doesn't have insane high attack damage

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