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Strike missions economics

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HiIf u get gold rating in a strike mission u get 45silvers for it. There are 3 ez strikes that most ppl get gold rate on it. Then there is 2 harder ones that i assume u get silver rate on them and u get 35silvers eachFor cold war it depends on how many chest u get after first part of the strike45×3+35×2+50 (i mostly earn 50 silver on cw)=2.55gAnd u also get alot of loot chest for doing wach strike. I assume u get 20 silver per each. 6×20=1.2gYou also get a crystal shard for the daily strike which u can craft into a weapon and and sell it on tp after... for 7-10g i think. In the end u should be earning 10g-13g for doing all strikes and craft the weapon and sell it i think. But if u dont sell u will earn 3-5g per day

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