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Looking For a PvP Guild and Dark Haven [DH] WvW guild.


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Hello,I am looking for a friendly non-toxic PvP/WvW guild on the Dark Haven server. I am a returning player that casually likes to play in WvW/PvP, I am looking to take that next step to play in coordinated team work in these game modes. I wouldn't say that I am experienced in these game modes (especially since I have played them since before either expansions). However I am willing to learn and I do have Voice Chat on Discord. I am based in Australia and generally on Fri - Sun around 8 pm AEST.If you're a PvP guild or a [DH] WvW Guild or both, and looking for new members PM me in game or reply to this thread (I'll be checking back regularly) and I'll be happy to join you guys and girls in fun PvP shenanigans!

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