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Ranger Meta?


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I wouldn't recommend core build on godsofpvp at the moment, especially demolisher one. It got repeated nerfs to its dmg on GS and pets and is not really meta atm.The Mender SLB one is a very good bunker, basically can tank any condi build, but is weak to power dmg and spikes which aren't really present atm making it a good choice.Many people run condi variants of SLB with either bleed or poison as dmg focus. You can try them.Druid is subpar, still there are some trollish immob builds.Sic em SlB is dead as is most of the power burst classes atm.Gl with spvp

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I play a variant on the gods of pvp core build with a/a, gs and demolisher ammy. It's actually really great dmg, and much better duelist than sic-em sniper.I will run sic-em if the map is really open and my team needs some extra mobility, though I default to core. Condi slb with swd/d , short bow is quite effective as well and catches a lot of people off guard. Druid is as stated above quite meh, but the imob condi spam build is pretty funny to play.

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@Roche.7491 said:

@"montecristo.1324" said:check this site for meta builds:

Thanks. This site is so good.

Do you have another for wvw/armatice bastion?

For general builds there is always metabattle: https://metabattle.com/wiki/MetaBattle_Wiki

For pvp specific I suggest to use godsofpvp, for raid-fractals there is snowcrows which is better than metabattle: https://snowcrows.com/

My suggestion is to start with some meta build from there, expecially for wvw and pvp, and then start a bit to switch some traits, skills, or weapons in order to get the best build suited for you. The idea of meta build is important but it is also important to understand when and what to change something! And of course it's important to have fun :D

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