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Elite Specialization's available on new characters [[Suggestion ]]

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Hello there, my suggestion is to make available Elite Specialization on new characters, of course not for newbies, but for player which have unlocked it already... So if i have spellbreaker and no bereserker [on my main], wouldnt be it cool to make possibility for me to create new Warrior character and start playing as spellbreaker? i think it would be cool joruney ! Best regards to everyone enjoy your fun ingame

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Like others have stated there is no way for a character that is not level 80 to use the elite specializations. If you would like to get to level 80 faster you could always use Tomes of Knowledge or Experience Scrolls . The Scrolls will not get you all the way there but you can use one of them first then use the tomes to finish your character off. This of course will only work if you have those resources.

Then if you use the resources linked by @crepuscular.9047 to quickly gain your specializations then you will only be left with gearing your character.

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