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rev or ele for www


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@Wandred.4583 said:

@"Turkeyspit.3965" said:The answer of course is secret option "C" - play Firebrand.i have two of themcharr and human, im tired x)


Well really, it also comes down to what role you want to play (DPS or Support) and if you want to solo roam, small group or large group. Both builds can work in all 3 environments, but it comes down to personal preference.

I personally don't like Condi Rev as I just don't like how Mace feels, so if I'm solo I'll go Power Herald, and go Hammer Herald in a group. I like Auramance as a support build in groups very much, but wouldn't play it as a solo DPS.

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@"Wandred.4583" said:Love both of them, but can't deicide ><rev - melle herald/mallyxele - aurasharecan someone give an advice please. whos is better? ^^"

:3 I have both, you will eventually need both depending on what role you plan to play.

What you ask yourself is what role do you want to fill . :)

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If you are running solo, Rev is probably the better option. Condition based Revs are insanely strong right now and can win outnumbered fights. Its usually on the Rev themselves to mess up for the other player to win, once you get the hang of it. Rev is also strong in group fights because it can pump out tons of torment while healing and remaining fairly tanky themselves, adding great pressure with damage or just forcing the enemy to stop moving for a second.

Tempest Aurashare is good for party support, but there is no viability in an aura-share solo build. Its very strong if you have a good party, even more so if the party is on the tankier side. It adds the most versatility to a group comp when compared to other main healing classes like Firebrand or Scrapper. So between the two, I'd say probably Rev. You can easily flip back and forth between solo and team roaming more so than Tempest. Although if you're only playing in teams and never on your own, Tempest might be better just because Rev is more than likely going to suffer some nerfs coming soon, the extent of which remains to be seen.

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