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Returning to GW2

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@Dheeraj.2481 said:

@"Inculpatus cedo.9234" said:Here are the major Releases:
Yes, ArenaNet is working on an expansion.

Welcome return.

Any other details about the third expansion anywhere? Will this be the final expansion?

Welcome back. I'm guessing you left before the Path of Fire expansion? One of the biggest features of that expansion was the addition of mounts. No other details are currently available about the upcoming expansion yet.

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There was a teaser image that makes the next expansion seen like it will be Cantha (which makes sense too since it's following gw1 expansions). No other information but i bet Covid delayed it a little.

Late February this year there was a patch that nerfed all damage of almost all skills, and made skills either be used for utility or damage but not both. Conditions now run Supreme.

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