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Party Commander Achievement Help

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Hiii!I've been working towards the Party Commander achievement (Dragon Bash Feats) the past few days. In order to get that one, you have to complete the Dragon Basher achievement under Daily Dragon Bash. So, I've been logging in every day, doing at least 3 of the daily Dragon Bash achievements (what's required for the Dragon Basher achievement), and going about my business. When I logged on last night, it should have been my fourth time completing the Dragon Basher, which means that I am only one away from getting the Party Commander achievement. However, when I looked at progress on Party Commander, the number said 0/5, and the description said that I had only completed the achievement once (then shouldn't the number be 1/5?). Super annoying, but okay, there's still time left in the festival. I logged in tonight, completed the daily Dragon Basher, checked on the Party Commander progress, and the number has updated to 1/5, but the description still says that I've only completed it once.I am SO CONFUSED. I am absolutely meeting the requirements for the Party Commander through completing the daily Dragon Basher. What is happening? Any help would be appreciated!!Here are some screenshots that may or may not be helpful:https://imgur.com/a/cpYlXhZTIA!Maverick

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completing it 5 times make it tick over to 0 and then you get that you have completed the whole achievement 1 time as its a repeatable one.

When ever you get a Dragon Bash Victory Coffer then you have done it 5 times and your achievement should say 0/5 but completed x times again

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