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What are the easiest Jumping Puzzles?

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With achievements tied to them that is.

I have 30 AP before I get my 9k Chest and I just need to do 3 easy ones.Here's the ones I've done:

  • Buried Archives
  • Hidden Garden
  • Demongrub Pits
  • Not So Secret
  • Tribulation Rift Scaffolding
  • Under New Management
  • Vizier's Tower
  • Wall Breach Blitz
  • Weyandt's Revenge

I haven't done any of the others with achievements tied to them. Which of the ones I have not listed here are the easiest? Three easiest, even. ;) Thank you.

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@crashburntoo.7431 said:Fantastic, congrats @AegisRunestone.8672... that was solid advice from the community. Those are some of the easiest JP's. I know, because they're some of the few that I can actually complete.

Which helm did you pick? :smile:

Radiant. I've been going with the Radiant set since it all started, so... :p

Thank you! :D

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