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Drizzlewood Coast quaestors don't sell Salvage Empowerment

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None of the Quaestor NPCs in Drizzlewood Coast carry the Salvage Empowerment item for me to buy. I have completed the story and progressed much of the achievements but there is no way for me to buy the item that increases the amount of salvage you get from wreckage and Charr Salvage items.

System: MacOS Catalinascreenshot

PS: I raised an in-game bug report (as per GM advice, but the UI fails to grab a screenshot, so posting here too).

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Thank you, that is the correct answer, I do indeed receive 30 charr salvage with common ones... I do not recall, for the life of me, having bought the empowerment (I guess senility is coming early for me) and because there is no indication that you have them, I got really confused :)

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