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Difficulty of the different races/adventures each festival compared

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What are the easiest? What are the hardest - for you?

I have noticed that last year I had a bit trouble with the Pinata Bashing. Took me some training. Now I did gold every time from the start. Even with minor mistakes I have still time left.On the other hand I seem to have a bit trouble with the beetle race. I get gold only every now and then and I'm not in the top 1000 on the dailies (no green rank numbers next to me time).

But then again: I'm not training it and I'm not farming it. I'm pretty content with silver. No interesting rewards besides 3 more chests (worth a few silver) for gold.

For the Festival of the Four Winds oddly I noticed the races to be much easier when I played it last year. I did it daily and with absolutely no real effort to train (maybe a ittle bit at the beginning) I got daily in the top 1000. (Not lifetime though.) Is it that much easier? Or are less people playing these on a daily basis? (But I guess with that festival and the easy currency to obtain there it is quick and most would do all the races daily.)

Hardest I have seen so far ... I guess was the halloween one with beetle for some skin (racing scarf) - to get that time.I should add: I have only the raptor so far. (Starting with PoF in the next months when I played GW1 the Nightfall part enough for older Elona lore.) So no real training for beetle besides renting it and giving it a try every now and then on festival races.

But for the skimmer thing on festival of four winds ... really they could have lowered time for gold 5-10 seconds and it would have been easy. (Same with Dolyak race.)

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