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I have several skin questions:

  1. I have bought the mystic battleaxe from the TP. It is soulbound on use. Do I need so salvage it if I want other characters to use this skin on their axes?
  2. When you click on ''unlock skin'' for soulbound on use items. Will that count as a use? Or can you unlock a skin and then put it back up on the TP?
  3. I want the firstborn outfit for my Sylvari. That costs 119G to purchase (https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Firstborn_armor). When I buy it is it unlocked for both male and female characters? Or do I need to purchase it per character? Because right now I'm only at 38 gold so I still need to save up a lot. Would be a bummer if I needed to get it twice :(
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1) No. Any form of soulbinding it will add the skin to your account (Equipping it, "Unlocking Skin" or Salvaging)

2) Unlock Skin will bind an item to you, so you will not be able to sell it back on the TP

3) It will be unlocked for both genders.

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