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Additional Races Possible Solution

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Ever since the game was released, people have asked for alternate playable races. I’ve seen Tengu, Kodan, Skritt and Quaggan, there are probably a few other requests out there too. But with the game just short of its eighth anniversary, not a single one has been added.

But perhaps there is a simple solution. Combat tonics (Endless). There are already some in place such as the Ascalonian ghost and a Norn with some red scars/tattoos on his face, probably a few others too. This won’t help for those that would like to use a certain outfit or armor combo, but perhaps a variety of appearances on tonic use will help add some diversity. An example would be how the Endless Mystery Tonic (forest) gives a different plant or tree appearance each time the tonic is used.

Granted this is not a true and proper solution, but perhaps something like this would be better than nothing at all, and would be much less effort than making a true playable race.

Food for thought

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