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HoT Map Based Crafting Materials

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It has been almost five years since the release of HoT, and many of the meta events are still done frequently to this day. But for those who are not getting into HoT for the first time, certain materials build up with no real use; one such item would be Pile of Auric Dust.

I have seen many times where a gobbler was requested by the player base, but here we are mid-way through 2020 and still nothing.

So perhaps instead of asking for something that requires time and effort to set up such as gobbler or some form of currency sink, perhaps a small monetary value can be appended to the item(s) instead. It doesn’t need to be much, one or two copper per would be something as at this point Brittle Bone is worth more, and many of us hate to throw away stacks upon stacks of the materials because we no longer have a use for them.

Thanks for reading.

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