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In great hurry, forgot to gift, need advice

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Hello everyone.I have been reading all the posts about the length of time Tickets are getting answered nowadays.What I read had me making a post of my own.

Sunday morning I had finished The Heart Of Thorn's story with the miraculous help of a kind soul on my Friendslist.

We had been up all night doing it and finally got it done in the early hours of Sunday morning.

He had expressed an interest in getting the Armistice Bastion Pass.

I have it, and, even though I do not WvW, it is my favorite of the passes...so, I decided to buy it for him as an expression of my great appreciation.

Well, I was sleepy and in a big hurry, so, instead of Gifting, I sent the pass to myself :(

I have always had wonderful responses from submitting tickets..some responses within hours even...so I sent in a Ticket.

A few hours later after thinking about it, I went back and added screenshots.

So now, it is Wednesday, and I have not heard anything other than the standard "we got your ticket email."

The pass has only two more days in the Gemstore, and, I am, especially after reading all the horror stories about the length of time it takes for a Ticket to be answered, nervous.

What should I do if I have not heard from support in time?

I am leaning towards waiting until the last day the pass is in the store, buying another for my friend, reopening the ticket, and requesting my Gems back if I have not heard back by then

Does this sound like a solid plan?

Thank you all for reading this, and thanks in advance for any advice.


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In the past, the CS Team has honored Gem Store offerings after they have expired for those with issues with the Gem Store.You can update your ticket with the information that this was a gift, and you still want to gift it to someone, no matter how long it takes for the ticket to be resolved.Also, I've not seen any laments about the tickets taking an inordinate time for several days. The CS Team may be catching up.

It's up to you what you want to do, though.

Good luck.

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