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Save or use pvp potions

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I don't PvP that much (mostly WvW), but I still save them because really I'm not in a hurry to complete any particular reward track.

When Drizzlewood launched, I did use 80 PvP potions to complete the reward track quickly (and re-stocked them during 3v3), while with WvW I just let the track complete organically. Still, I have about 750 WvW potions stocked in case I need a GoB in a hurry for some reason.

I'd suggest storing a stack in your bank, and then just use the ones you earn after that. It doesn't hurt, and really in PvP it's the pip chests that give you the goods not the reward track.

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Save them and only use them for when you need something from a reward track.

What I do, I don't pvp much, but I have more than a stack of PvP potions stored in my bank. I do PVE dailies for the 10 ap.When there is a "PvP Reward" daily, I use 2 pvp potions, get 1 back from the daily, and I complete that daily right off the bat. Not only you get 1/3 daily done, but you progress on whatever reward track you're working and get the rewards from that track accordingly, two for the price of one.

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