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Seeing PoF was out for a while with the new elite classes, I guess I'll try asking on suggestions.

Ayumi Spender.1082

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Before I was trying to look for a 3rd class to main with as I've been struggling to find one. In the end, from just making a mesmer to be a portal mule to help some of my friends out... I tried out Chrono and................ loathed it. But Mesmer was going to be a portal mule so that didn't matter... then... I tried Mirage and got a huge shock that I really enjoyed it. Tons of fun to play and excitement for me as a class.Still suck on it though on certain situations, but still trying to get used to it, but it brings me to an idea for a 4th I would like to make.While yes I can make 2 races the same class, I'm kind of trying to not do that. After seeing Mirage, I kind of can see it being Sylvari, but my Mirage right now is an Asura and I really like my Asura.

Right now I'm wondering if there's a quick-moving AoE/Range class out there? My other two characters are Necro and Thief.My Necro plays a mixture of Minion-Lord with Staff with sometimes Sceptre/Axe+Dagger/Warhorn. My Thief/Deadeye plays Dual Pistols/Dual Daggers and sometimes when I'm in the mood... Rifle. My Mirage is an Axe+Torch/Pistol/Focus user.

The reason I'm looking for an AoE/Range quick mover is the idea I have behind the Sylvari I want to make and the "headcanon" for her in my head kind of places her within that playstyle.

Note: Not Renegade. Tried it and not a big fan of it. Was banking on liking it before PoF came out and can't say I truly enjoy it as I liked Revenant with Twin swords and/or Hammer.

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@Rain.9213 said:How about Scepter/Dagger Elementalist? They have decent mobility, aoe, and great damage. It's good for open world pve and usable in Fractals too!

Will try it a bit more, but it does seem a bit interesting.

@LightningWolfTigerBear.6725 said:I'd say shortbow thief is the closest to what you're looking for: ranged, highly mobile and can put out a lot of AoE. There's also Tempest and Dragonhunter. Dragonhunters generally aren't very quick, but they can put out a lot of ranged AoE damage with the right utility skills.

I didn't really enjoy the Shortbows on Thief actually. Wasn't a fan of Renegade, but did like the shortbows on that more than I did on Thief.Will try out Tempest when I test out Elementalist.

Never thought on Dragonhunter as I didn't know they could've used Bows.

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