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Game restarting computer

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I haven't. But this is a computer with you computer, not with the game. Yes, it is the game that triggers the problem, but the problem is with the computer hardware, drivers or the OS. The game does not have the OS privilleges to cause a BSOD itself. But again, it can trigger it in for example a buggy driver or an unstable graphics card.

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I thought it might be due to overheating since its getting quite hot outside, but the game runs normally until I minimize it to seek out some stuff on the internet, maximizing it back causes the machine to freeze for a second, followed by a blue screen with the mentioned error and a % process which loads up and restarts the pc. And the weird thing is that before it did not happen, but ye, might be a bug on my side...I was just curious whether anybody experienced such issue. Thanks for responding

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