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[EU] Looking for server which prioritize points per kill, with zerg fights and 2-5 roaming groups.


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Well the title says is it all.

Looking for active server that prioritizes points per kill, with active roaming and zerging scene.Language - English.

I want to start playing today on new account, so please no full servers :)

Thank you in advance

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@igor.3409 said:

@Strider Pj.2193 said:It also looks at timezones so you would know if the time one you play in fits as well.

Thank you.. I didnt check other tabs on the left when visting this site.This is very helpful,

Could you explain me how timezones tab work? I dont quite understand it

Oof... I am not certain. I don’t frequent it a lot, but it has been referenced here often. My dumb smart phone isn’t quite that adept. I could look when I get on at hone but that likely will be a bit.

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"points per kill" what exactly does that even mean?

also zerg = 35-45~ ppl. on the same map as a zerg u have not much space for roaming groups. usually theres about 15 pugs around anyways that do whatever they do. if the zerg is now blobsize, you've even less spaces. so max 1-2 roamergroups possible. (4-8 ppl)

however, roamergroups are pointless anyways. it kinda is like: "we gank till we get ganked". yeah, nice, big deal.

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