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Check Point Markers for Guild Halls & Open World?

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If devs can figure out how to make portal decorations for our guild halls then they should be able to make checkpoint decs for racing in our halls. The amount of fun rollerbeetle racers could have or any race idea for that matter! (People are creative) For active guilds that have gold giveaways for races, it would be easier to tell who wins a race and who doesn't cheat because they skipped a bunch of checkpoints! Plus rather then sitting at the finish line waiting to see who wins you can compete too and record the event! :D heh Tracks designs are already amazing, but they could be even better with checkpoints!

And not just in the guild halls. If Tags had access to more markers or rather guilds had access to creating their own race routes in the open world. This could be an expansion of the guild system or further exploration?(though massive mat reqs might be hated) :) I know i know the guild system is dead. they ain't working on it. but with a new xpac that they are just starting to work on new guild things could become a thing. (notice i said could, not will) :) But with only a few markers now that tags have it is a challenge to clearly mark a custom race path. I think it'd be easier to create decorations in instanced guild halls than open world, but i'm sure anything is possible.

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