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Water wells


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@Aavataris.5720 said:¿Why the wells of mesmer (chronomancer) not work underwater?Those of the other classes do (they create a sphere around the player)

I wish I could use my conomante build underwater ...and I don't understand why not :anguished:

I guess it has to do with the animation perhaps.

Chronomancer's wells are unique, since they have this animation with the ticking clock hands. Other wells don't have something like that, it is just the same lingering animation (necromancer have these textures, scrapper has the gyros). Maybe it is just harder for them to transport that clock animation into 3d for underwater combat?

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@Aavataris.5720 said:so ...a lazy job? :/

I'm my opinion, that's most likely.

Arenanet rarely bothers to do anything with Underwater.I can't even remember when weapon sets last had underwater weapons.

Arenanet can't even bother to turn the Underwater weapons into Land weapons, despite people (including me) yearning for land spears since almost the beginning of the game.

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Anet's just lazy.

They rather bar off an entire skill type from underwater than make underwater better.

At this point I won't even blame NCsoft for pulling resources out of Anet : they just use all that resource to make skins and pump out lacklustre content.

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