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Guild Defender/Archmage full armors or potentially tabard system introduced

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Hey dear Devs,I am writing to you because I would like to request that the currently unavailable guild armor sets be made available once again, either via ingame gold or gems, any way really you see fit.I am currently doing a llllliiiitle bit of roleplay as to make the game more enjoyable, and the current ways the guild logo can be displayed is a bit behind. I can get the guild defender chestpiece, but for it to look good, I would need the trousers or a tabard to the lenght from shoulders to knees., right now there is only the chestpiece i can get, and the legs are banded, which is a mismatch. Could you please fix this somehow?, I am guessing the easy way would be to introduce the guild armors to the guild initiative armorer for guild comms, I can see that designing and implementing an entire new tabard system as a wearable item would be a bit of an effort, so feel free to build on whatever useful thing you can find above. As I am a regular wvw player as well, I would love a way to be able to show up my guild emblem in a cool way during raids.Anyway, thanks for reading,Stay safeBjorn

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