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WvW zerg Chrono build ideas plz


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Okay, with the upcoming changes this is a build I am thinking about. First off, my roll in the zerg: sneakiness, Veil, Portal, and G well is why I am in the zerg.With the changes coming in the next patch I am thinking that I can run condi build and help some with the pressure. Right now I am running a power build, and it is everything that a power build mes in a zerg is... I don't think that this will be even close to a meta build but the needs of the zerg sometimes calls for a sacrifice and someone being put in chrono jail.By the way, the one trait that is a must is Prismatic Understanding and this is a reason for wanting to build condi. Below is a link to the build (hopefully) I am looking for idea on armor and other traits.


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I don't play a lot of zerg but in my experience Mesmer damage in a zerg is pathetic even if you go full power dps, and condi is worse. It is almost impossible to build up a good condi burst as Mesmer in a zerg. You will hardly ever have more than one clone alive and that clone will die instantly when it gets close to the enemy. For damage it is probably better to go Mirage with double GS and maximal endurance regeneration and pew pew lasergun into the enemy blob. If you don't care about damage then it's probably better to use some Mantra backup support build for emergency condi clear and stability and veil.

If it's just a random zerg you can of course play whatever you like. If it's more of a regular thing you can ask your commander what he wants you to play, but he will probably say "not Mesmer!" ;p

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Mesmer is a no go for zerging. Just because anet will undo their schizophrenic move to remove IP from Chronos doesn't mean mesmers now have a chance to be relevant in big scale fights.Anet still needs to undo their dumb idea that mesmers are only meant to be veil bots...

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