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Laptop Performance: GW2 runs only with <10 FPS

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Hi there

I have two business laptops from my old company:

  1. HP Elitebook 820 G2, i7-5600U, 16gb ram, Intel HD* Graphics 5500
  2. HP EliteBook 850 G3, i7-6500U, 32gb ram, AMD Radeon R7 m365x as well as Intel HD Graphics 520

Now... on the 820 g2, Guildwars 2 surprisingly runs quite solid with 40-50 FPS. Unfortunately, that laptop has a problem with cooling, and can't run longer than an hour or so. On the 850 g3, I can only run GW2 on max 10FPS with the lowest graphic settings possible, even in window mode. I have installed the newest drivers i could find, even AMD's Radeon Software, and tried to optimize all I could and found. I really can't explain, why the performance on the G3 is so bad, even though its a more expensive and newer model than the 820 G2. With a friend of mine we tried to find differences between the 820 and 850, but couldn't optimize running GW2

Any ideas??

Cheers and have a good day! :)Marc

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