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[NA] [FURY] Very active PvX guild looking for all players 18+ --- Daily events with active comms

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[NA][FURY] Is a very actively run guild recruiting all players 18+! We focus on Meta events, Fractals(and training), PvP, WvW (Mostly Jade Quarry), Guild Missions with Lottery rewards,Guild Events with rewards, or just hanging out in discord.-If you've seen us Comming Metas, hopefully you've had good a experience with our commanders and members. We try to do as much as we can for anyone while we are doing content explorable and reward-able by everyone.-All of this being done on a daily basis. We also host weekly discord discussions which focus on many different aspects of the game from builds to gold making.

Perks to joining [FURY]:-Active schedule for all content-Huge valuable prize giveaways / events ingame and in discord-Active discord-Active gchat-Thicc Thigh Gaps-Extremely helpful community and non elitist-Raids-WvW (Jade)

Feel free to contact me ingame for more details and an invite, and be sure to check out our guild website at gwars2fury.com for a look at who we are and what we represent!:

Tripp: Trippletz.1963 (Send mail if not online)

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besides the Amazing metas they run, they also do fractals training (something I've never done before, Fractals are amazing), discord/guild event to help player get the most bang for there buck out of characters and items. High Commander Dag is the Best!

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