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Vampiric Rituals removal feedback (PvP)

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While in general the cd reduction of wells is good for people who only take 1 well, the people who take 2 or more and focus their builds on wells this is straigh up deletion of those builds (longer cooldowns, no protection, no siphons). Why destroying build diversity, while you exchange it to something very bland, supporting standard gameplay of needing support for full effect?
There are builds that can be played plat3+ in ranked that take this trait, many ppl play with it , so statement

"The necromancer traits for signets and wells have long occupied a difficult place in most builds since they exist on the grandmaster tier and typically have not provided enough power to warrant taking over other grandmaster traits"

is pure wrong. Multiple well builds support different playstile, more bruiser, 1v1, close combat (high risk/high reward kindof), so loosing protection and siphons sustain and extra dmg is huge (and no other blood grandmaster traits fill that role). Its hard to keep enemies inside of wells (so you could bait enemies to attack you and cast offensive well on you) and you also put yourself at mobility disadvantage to stay inside support wells for full effect, meaning protection and siphons are crucial to those builds. So why delete option if those options werent overpowered or unhealthy for game? Why removing it and replacing it with boring sameish trait that dont introduce anything new?The extra sustain also synergies more with blighters boon builds.

Vampiric Rituals was always strong option if you want to run 2+ wells. The problem ppl didnt use it wasnt because of trait, but wells themselves, being useless without trait. So change of reducing cd in general is good, but please also support ppl who run multiple wells and give them back protection and siphons. Dont destroy build diversity when its not needed (aka warhorn rework where noone uses it anymore, while before beeing one of the best designed weapons, never OP, never UP, full of synergy and lorefriendly).

If you want to use Blood Bank replace Banshee Vail and just buff warhorn in general. Or life from death, there are too many ressing skills anyway.

There are many varieties of well builds, but this is only one example of one very competitive build that can be done with vamp rituals and would be deleted and playstyle destroyed if this change goes trough (to point out this trait is strong option):http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PSwAg2ZlZwOYIsEWJm8WqtbA-zZIPBVOAAnd just for exaple for HoT times i managed to come to legendary rank multiple times with this build (although not viable anymore because of powercreep and mutliple other trait/spell nerfs overtime and not because vampiric rituals is bad):http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PSwEcEmpMDWDDhlwKxxdqrpB-z5gfCqcA

*** Also just to point out, well of darkness buff is awesome, just ..... what about chilling darknes trait? We only have 2 blind spells and one of them was changed to do exactly what trait says and even stronger. Just feels little like an oversight.

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Yes it’s true that wells are good rn and in the past have been ranked meta. I do however think it’s true that there was difficulty picking wells and even blood in the past, because it didn’t work for many condition builds which most played all the time. Wells are great on bunker builds, especially power ones. Atm a wells bunker scourge is actually very effective in some ranked matches and was literally meta in 3v3s, so I think it would be arrogant to claim them as not useful though I think there is some credit in the quotes above

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This will basically leave Mercy Scourge with no source of Protection for allies, drastically reducing its capabilities. Losing access to Protection on a support class is effective to losing 1/3rd of your healing and barrier capacity, a huge nerf.

Its been nearly a decade and the devs still haven't learned not to remove content.

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I never liked Vampiric Rituals...it was a completely underwhelming trait and I’m actually glad they changed it to something more globally useful. The same kind of globalization should be on all the traits so that we can uncover more synergies.

If you didn’t take Wells, then this skill was useless to you. Receiving healing? Always useful in every build. It’s a net gain in diversity, and they made the right call by compensating well cooldowns.

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