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Suggestion for the team: Have support actually read tickets

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I recently submitted a ticket regarding the Envoy Armor II collection's "Demonic Heart", which, despite reading "activate the heart and survive the Deimos encounter", actually also requires doing damage to Deimos. This sometimes doesn't happen when performing the Hand Kite role, which the fight requires in 99.9% of used strategies. This happened to me and I wrote to support, seeking either for the in game text to gain clarity and/or that I could receive credit for obviously doing what the in game text had asked of me. Instead, I got back a copy paste form letter, which makes me wonder if my ticket was even read:


Jul 3, 2020, 10:39 PM PDT


I understand you are frustrated with the lack of in-game explanation regarding Deimos and the Crystalline Heart. We have found that the best way for the Development team to gather and review player feedback and suggestions is through the official forums. We ask and encourage players to post their ideas in our forums: https://en-forum.guildwars2.com

Please post your suggestion in the forum most relevant to the subject at hand. For instance, if you are writing about PvP, post in the PvP sub-forum. If you are making a suggestion about a specific profession, please post in that profession's sub-forum. And if you are writing about the Living World, feel free to post in that sub-forum.

Members of the Development Team read the forums daily, and while they usually cannot respond to individual suggestions, the fact that team members can review those suggestions in a public forum helps them gauge the level of interest in a particular idea, and also allows other players to discuss and offer feedback of their own.

The team looks forward to reviewing your input."

I have written into the support team a decent few times over the years, and always received great support. This is a big change of direction from that and I'm very disappointed to know that I might as well have thrown my ticket in the trash rather than hitting submit if ctrl F, C, and V on the ticket title into a form letter now constitutes 'support'. The form letter I received asked me to put my suggestions in the relevant forum for the team to read, so here it is, per request.

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I wrote to support, seeking either for the in game text to gain clarity

To be clear, this is why you got the response you did - you were trying to make a suggestion through support. As for wanting compensation, misunderstanding the requirements doesn't qualify.

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