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Renegade in WvW


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Hello guys,

I wanted to try something new. So that's why I was looking for some renegade build for WvW. Some renegade builds exist for PvP (salvation or Rétribution Kalla) do you guys think that I can try to adapt some to WvW roaming?

I'm aware that there's no renegades roaming builds for some reason (basically herald is much more effective in every competitive game modes) but with the future change on the SB I think that it's possible to try something new. What's your opinion on that little SB "rework"?

Thanks for your opinion

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I don't know anything about those sPvP builds, but this is my go to build for WvW roaming: Renegade WvW Build

Some of the highlights:

  • Nearly 100% uptime of fury, vigor, and might (averaging 15-20 stacks)
  • 100% crit chance with fury and full endurance
  • Critical hits and flanking attacks grant might
  • CC applies weakness and grants 5-6 might
  • 15% reduced damage from vigor
  • 25% increased movement speed

If the new Sevenshot works as described, I'm thinking we'll basically have a land based version of the trident #2 and #5 skill.That kind of change could make a big difference for me. The only time I can really "burst" a target is when I land Scorchrazor and follow-up with other attacks. Now it shouldn't be as big a deal if Scorchrazor is dodged or missed since I'll hopefully have an additional high pressure skill that works on its own.

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Dealing with CC isn't much of a problem if I'm paying attention and dodge them when necessary. The high vigor uptime and +25% endurance regen (Enduring Recovery) helps. Also if I'm the one doing it first (with Scorchrazor and Darkrazor) then I don't need to worry. Last resort for if I do eat a stun is swapping to staff and using #5 skill to escape follow up attacks and hopefully recover some hp on interrupt with Sigil of Draining

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