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Guild Upgrades and Favor - Any other way to do this then PvP?

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Hey there,

I am part of a small guild. We have eight members but only four are active on a daily basis. It is a guild of real-life friends all aged 30-50 years old. We play together a lot and so we started up a guild. I know we could have joined another one but we really wanted to check out the guild hall options and the upgrades, the missions etc and build our own guild. The concept of expanding the guild with upgrades really appeals to us.

The problem is, we need favor to start the mission to claim our guild hall and as far as we know the only way for us to get favor is by doing PvP missions. The problem with this, is that we are not really big fans of PvP so so far our attempts at getting favor have been terrible. We just cannot win a single match of PvP and we are not really enjoying it because we are getting absolutely slaughtered (last match had us at 50 points when the opposing team won). The Stronghold missions went slightly better but we would still really would prefer to get those favor points by doing something else (and PvE is very much prefered here).

We know there are guild puzzles and bounties but those have not been unlocked yet because we don't have a guild hall. We also had 4k of influence but that is not enought to transfer to Favor.

So my question is: is there any way for us to get that guild hall without getting really good at PvP?

Finally, if there is someone who wants to help us out with PvP and win a match together, that would be awesome. We are absolutely willing to learn and listen.


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In your guild panel, as long as you're the creator/leader of the guild, go to the missions tab. There's an option for having the missions be a certain type. If you set that to PvE, you'll get the easier missions that you can do to get favor, such as treks and races. Aside from that, be ready with 100 gold in order to get the guild hall, as it's something you purchase. Well, you buy the chance to claim it, anyway. Have a group ready, even just a group of random people willing to help out, to clear the mordrem out from the hall in order to actually get it.

My guild is also very small, but I've never needed to do any PvP missions to get favor. So don't worry about that if you don't want to do PvP, just set the missions to PvE and enjoy.

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